Product Review

Ever wonder if the foods, supplements, or products you pick up at the store are actually good for you? Here’s a list of our product reviews so you can see our opinion! If you have products you are wondering about, please comment below and we will review them.

  1. Aldi Fit & Active Flatbreadcsm_072314_R_8464_FNA_Flatbread_Original_D_11649dd8a9
    With 90 Calories, 9 grams of fiber, and 9 grams of protein, this flatbread product is a win-win-WIN!!! I am in love with this bread and like to use it for breakfast burritos, fresh wraps, peanut butter banana rolls, and pizza crusts. Did I mention these only have 16 carbohydrates each?! If you are following a diabetic diet, that’s only 1 carb exchange!!!!
  2. Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing! BHF01_CreamyCaesar_mastheads_d_dressings_png_88f1bfeb-4842-45ba-9382-369c800d6fb3Talk about an amazing product! Sometimes you are in the mood for a creamy dressing! All are 45 calories or less per 2 tablespoons & <4g of fat- compared to the traditional 140 calories & 15 g of fat for regular ranch, blue cheese, or other dressing! (WOWZA) I am in love with this product because you do not even taste the yogurt, it packs full of flavor, and even a great dip to use for fresh vegetables! Hey- if it gets you to eat a serving or 2 of carrots, that is a win in any Dietitian eyes!
  3. Starkist Tuna Pouches These high protein, on-the-go pouches are perfect fora snack or meal and will keep you satisfied until your next mealtime. This product is 81-aszkCu0L._AC_UL320_SR232,320_.jpgunder 100 calories with at least 14g of protein! With 7 flavors to choose from and the new Bold line including Thai Chili, Jalapeno, and Hot Buffalo, there is a flavor for everyone. *RD Tip* Even if I forget a lunch, I stop by the grocery store to pick up one of these packets and crackers or a salad. They are affordable and require NO prep (unlike canned tuna).