I’m Abbie, aka: Savory Spice! The wellness & sports Dietitian! I am a retired runner from Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!) where I competed in the steeplechase. Afterwards I completed my dietetic internship at University at Buffalo and this is also where I am finishing up my Masters! My passion and reason for becoming a RD is to help individuals live a happy and healthy life! That is why as I am still in school I work as a Sport Nutritionist helping UB athletes fuel properly and work as a on-campus Dietitian at the Wellness center. When I am not at work or school you can catch me running at Delaware Park training for the Buffalo Marathon, trying out a new recipe, or traveling!

I’m Kristen, aka: Pepper – a dietitian who loves adventures! Although I work at Ohio State University, I am true to my colors: GREEN & WHITE. I completed my undergraduate degree in dietetics at Michigan State University and my dietetic internship in combination with a master’s degree at Case Western Reserve University. Following my internship I worked abroad in Peru, providing nutrition education to native people while learning medical Spanish. My passion for culture, travel, and health has led me to some non-traditional experiences within the field of dietetics. On any given day, you will likely find me spending time outside: hiking, biking, camping, swimming, etc. all while making healthy, sustainable food choices to keep my energy up. I am so excited to share ideas, resources, and tips with you through this blog!


Ginger Spice here, also known as Kaitlyn, the community dietitian. I like to describe myself as a Registered Dietitian who enjoys eating and cooking on a budget. I earned my bachelors from Michigan State University and completed the dietetic internship and master’s of nutrition from the University at Buffalo. Currently, I work for a grant funded public health initiative at Cornell Cooperative Extension and absolutely love working in Western New York. In addition, I provide nutrition education, grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations for collegiate athletes at UB. Believe it or not, but I used to be intimidated by every kitchen gadget out there!  Once I decided to take the plunge and use a crockpot and attempt meal prep, I swear my life changed! Join me on my journey as I conquer educating the community, trying new recipes and attempting not to cut myself when using my spiralizer J

Hey guys!

My name’s Kate (Salty Spice). I created this blog about two years ago and have been trying to keep up on the latest and greatest in nutrition as well as what’s happening in my world! So thanks to those of you have been following! It’s been a tough battle, so I decided to invite 4 of my best RD friends to join so we can provide even more material and variety! I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and foodie who loves to explore food through cooking, grocery shopping, trying new restaurants and taking pictures of literally everything I eat! I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics and completed my dietetic internship there as well, GO GREEN. I practice a flexible eating pattern that I think is realistic for most, and definitely NOT a diet 🙂  I currently work in Nutrition Marketing at Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, MI. Although this is my day job, my thoughts on this blog are completely my own! If you are confused by the vast and complex food landscape of today’s society and have trouble deciding what’s right or wrong in the media, follow me! I will provide insight into grocery shopping, meal planning, recipes and science based facts about nutrition! Also follow me on  Instagram for daily foodie updates 🙂 PS I’m obsessed with Oreos

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  1. Carrie VanderPloeg says:

    WOW!! Eager to hear/read what’s new and what works for high energy people like myself, a senior.


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