Hello Fresh – Have You Tried It?

I have been wanting to try a meal delivery kit for a while, so when I saw a Groupon for Hello Fresh I had to get it! For those of you who don’t know, Hello Fresh is like most other meal delivery kits where they put together a meal plan for the week and mail you the recipes and directions with all the ingredients. You can choose from 3 different plans: Classic, Veggie, and Family plan. Each week the recipes change.


For me, this is a little pricey to spend on a meal for multiple meals a week, but if you don’t like to grocery shop or plan then it is definitely worth it! I enjoy grocery shopping and am pretty budget friendly with groceries, so I find I can get more food at this price. Hence why I waited for a Groupon 🙂 It was $25 total for one week of classic meals for two people (just over $4 per meal). Pricing also varies based on number of meals you want per week and the number of people. Check out their website for more info.

What I enjoyed the most about Hello Fresh was getting the opportunity to try new recipes I would not have normally prepared. There are so many recipes out there I have wanted to try, but usually they call for ingredients I don’t keep on hand so I don’t end up making them. Hello Fresh is great because they give you exactly what you need and just the right amount (in the cutest little containers too!). You also get to choose your meals each week from a list of options. They will send you an email with the options before the delivery. You only have a few days to select though so make sure you do it quick or you’ll be stuck with the options they choose. I didn’t realize this and ended up with their choices, however it ended up working out well because I got recipes I wouldn’t of normally picked and really enjoyed them!

Another perk of Hello Fresh is that you can pick the day you want it delivered. They pack it to stay fresh on your door step for hours so you don’t have to worry about food going bad if you don’t get home right away.

Here are a few of the recipes I tried! My favorites were the Pork and Poblano Tacos and the Korean Beef Bibimbop.



Overall, I would definitely suggest trying a meal delivery kit like Hello Fresh. I will be making a few of these recipes again! Get the Groupon or look online for a deal!


P.S. Make sure if you get the Groupon, to cancel the service right after your first delivery or otherwise you will be charged full price for the next week. I accidentally forgot to cancel within the allotted time frame and ended up with another week. Oh well, more meals to try! 🙂


Happy cooking! ❤ Cayenne

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  1. Michelle Heitman says:

    Thanks for the review and recommendation . I think I will go ahead and try it too


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