“Fun-Size” Tips for a Healthy Halloween

While many of us may be a little old for trick-or-treating, none of else are ever too old for Halloween candy!  Whether it’s in the break room at work or in the check-out line at the store, hard to go anywhere without seeing Reese’s cups and mini bags of skittles.

So how do we stick to healthy habits during this candy craze? (While not depriving our sweet tooth of course.) Here are some quick, easy, and dare I say “fun-size” tips for a healthier Halloween!

-Keep candy out of sight. Don’t be that person at work with a candy jar on your desk constantly tempting your co-workers and yourself! Keeping candy stored in cupboard or out of plain sight can prevent mindless eating.

-Have healthy sweets on hand instead. Need something to replace that candy jar? Get some easy-peel clementines (aka Cuties) and draw faces on them to make mini  jack-o-lanterns. Put them in a bowl and set them on your desk to serve as a healthy treat and festive decoration. I did this at my work and it was such a hit!

Image result for jack o'lantern clementine

Make a candy plan. Set yourself a goal or commitment for managing your sweet intake during the Halloween season. For example: I can eat have 2 fun-size bars or I can’t eat have any sweets after 7pm. Be specific with it and write down. This will help prevent over-indulging and encourage you to savor every bite.

In spirit of Halloween, I also wanted to share my favorite YouTube video of all time! These kids are too darn cute!

Do you have any of your own fun size tips when it comes to Halloween candy?  We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below.













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