5 ways to get 30g of protein at breakfast

Although protein is not a nutrient the general public is lacking, data shows the distribution of protein throughout the average day is not similar at all 3 meals.  We typically lack protein at breakfast and over-do our protein at dinner with huge chunks of meat and large amounts of dairy products. This type of eating isn’t necessarily optimizing your body’s use of the total grams of protein you are consuming per day. On a general note, consuming 30g of protein in one sitting has been recognized as an ideal amount to optimize lean muscle growth and maintenance, especially when consumed ~1 hour in proximity to exercise. If you don’t consume enough, it may not be as effective, and if you are eating significantly more that 30g, it can be hard on your kidneys to process. The following are 5 go-to breakfasts that provide at least 30g protein and are 500 calories or less! I also pictured what specific brands or products I used along with other whole foods.


1.) Tofurkey sausage link (30g) + fruit (This brand is my new favorite jam! Found at Meijer – tofu based product with beans and other ingredients, you won’t even know you are missing the meat!)


2.) Chobani Plain Greek yogurt (15g) + 1 cup Kashi GoLean PB Crunch (14g)  (NEW ADDICTION  – also try chocolate flavor!)

Capture     Capture

3.) Whole grain toast (4g) topped with 3-4 tbsp Wild Friends protein peanut butter (18g)  + 1 hard boiled egg (6g) (Added whey protein for even more bang for your buck!)


4.) Smoothie or Breakfast Shake with added protein powder – I try not to live on protein powder, but it can be good in a pinch and give you the grams you need, quick. I just tried this brand and just really like the flavor and ingredient profile, but you can really choose whatever brand you like best and meets your preferences. I usually do; 3 scoops Nature’s Bounty protein (23g; read label for serving size and protein amount) + 1/2 frozen banana + 1 cup milk of choice (8g) and the consistency turns out very thick and shake-like (which I like!).


5.) RX Bar (12g) + 3/4 cup cottage cheese w/ fruit or cinnamon (18g) (I really like RX bars for their chewy texture, simple ingredients and macro nutrient profile – they are very equal parts fat/protein/carb)



Cheers, Kate

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