Time to Top it off!

Let’s talk toppings! This has been a hot ‘top’-ic the last few years, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you (sorry, I’m not talking ice cream toppings). Spice Girls talk a lot about meal prep and the importance of planning; but with toppings, no prep is needed! Finding the right toppings that fit in with your current meals and snacks can boost your nutrition and provide endless health benefits.

Nutritional Yeast

I discovered nutritional yeast about a year ago and I love it! Great flavor and easy to use.

What is it? Nutritional Yeast is a deactivated yeast enriched with B vitamins,

Benefits: Rich in B vitamins, great for those who follow plant-based meal pattern.

Taste: Cheesy dusting


Use: Eggs (my favorite), popcorn, roasted vegetable chips, pizza, baked potatoes

topping blog pic

Chia Seed

What is it? Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the plant Salvia Hispanica.

Benefits: source of fiber which aids in a healthy gut, contains omega-3s (healthy, essential fat) and protein

Taste: No flavor, texture is seedy

Use: Chia pudding, yogurt, toast with jelly (my favorite), energy balls, smoothies

Flax Seed

What is it? Type of plant -available in store as a whole seed or milled

-I buy the milled one due to texture (I found some discrepancies on whether eating whole vs milled flaxseed is healthier)


Benefits: Fiber, healthy fats, contains protein

Taste: Earthy

Use: Overnight oats (my favorite), energy balls, smoothies, yogurt

Hemp Seed:

What is it? Seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa

Benefits: Fiber, protein source, hemp protein powder is available which is excellent for vegans and vegetarians

Taste: nutty

Use: toast, smoothies, salads, energy balls, overnight oats, cereal

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

*not exactly the topping I was going for, but thought we needed to talk about it* Just search #EBTBS on Instagram and thousands of foodie pics come up. 

EBTBSWhat is it? Combination of sesame seed, poppy seed, sea salt flakes, dried garlic, and dried onion, available at Trader Joe’s

Benefits: lower in salt than traditional table salt

Taste: everything bagel topping

Use: scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs, homemade bagels, pizza dough, panko-breading, Avocado Toast (Spice Girl Fav), popcorn

All of these toppings are great to keep in the pantry. Serving size ranges from ¼ tsp to 3 tablespoons, so the products last a long time! And a lot of nutrients are packed into a small portion. Experimenting with different toppings adds flavor and variety to your regular meals and snacks.

What is your favorite topping?


Keep calm and top-on, GINGER

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