Hello and Happy Hump Day!

As many of you may know, I traveled to Greece a few weeks ago with two of my girlfriends and had an AMAZING time. However, I have not gotten a chance to share about one of the best parts of the trip…the FOOD of course!

Like any vacation or trip, eating and drinking your way around is one of the best ways to get to know the people, culture and way of life. When traveling, I try not to worry about being super healthy or restricting myself, it’s a time for enjoyment and exploration of a new cuisine! See below for the many food pics we took with captions (WARNING: apologies for the lack of quality, as we may have been jet lagged, hung over, or sun bathing in immense sunlight!)

COFFEE! Everywhere you go there are coffee shops and people drinking coffees. They are SUPER strong and they only usually fill it half way up because of this. You can guarantee to see someone drinking coffee literally everywhere you go on the sidewalks, everyone does it all day long! We usually got the “cafe freddo” (iced coffee).


SALADS! Greek too of course…they had some very interesting salads and all were very different depending on where you went! The traditional Greek salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers/onions and feta were good as expected! All the dressings were very fresh and light, there was ZERO Hidden Valley Ranch in Greece 🙂 Everything in general was very simply made, basic and fresh. Not super doused in sauces or seasonings.


Breakfast! Breakfast at our hotel in Athens was AMAZING! They had an entire buffet with everything you could imagine…fresh salmon, yogurt parfait bar with exotic fixings, various traditional Greek pastries (very big there), warm egg dishes, stuffed bites it went on and on. When we got to Santorini, we wanted to spend as much time as we could enjoying our pool and save a little cash, so we went to the market around the corner and got some eggs and sausages and then some Greek yogurts which we dressed with honey, fruit and cashews…so good! The Greeks soak all their nuts in jars of honey! I think I am going to start doing this…nice little topping to add sweetness to any plain snack.



Other Meals: For lunches and dinners, we probably had everything under the sun! Fish, chicken, duck, salads, pasta, gyros, lots of bread and of course SHRIMPS! They put an S on the end of all foods! It was all about the SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS! My favorite was probably the huge sampler platter with literally EVERYTHINGG on it (pic w/ Lauren and Sunney towards the top.) It was actually very odd some of the dishes…you would get a meal with a dip on the side and ask what you were supposed to use the dip for and they would reply “whatever you want! If you don’t like it we can get you something else?” haha. Some of the combinations were very random, but we cleaned our plates nonetheless. Or they would serve bread with a side of olives…like are we supposed to eat these together or separate? HA. Santorini actually had there own wine vinyards, so we tried to drink more wine when we got there. Athens had some neat brews and cocktails as well.



DESSERTS! We didn’t do a whole lot of desserts because we were always so full after meals! But by far our favorite place was Hans and Gretel! It was the cutest little candy and confectionery shop where their main attraction was there bubble waffle ice cream cones and chimneys! They consisted of a rolled dough with cinnamon coating and then they stuffed it full of ice cream and toppings! UGH so good.

Other: Sunney pictured in front of Potato King! – where they gave you a huge thing of fries topped with sauce and tons of herbs/spices…HA.

All over the streets were carts or stations with dried fruits or vegetables and nuts and you could like build your own little trail mix type concoction in a little baggie – very interesting.

Allll of the coffee shops were all about the pastries, savory or sweet, they were tempting for sure!

There were many “digestive” foods at restaurants and packaged goods for after meals or snacks. As we know digestive wellness is starting to become mainstream here, it will be interesting to see if this type of habit will take off in the states! You would always get asked if you wanted something like this after your meal.


Well, that was Greek food in a nutshell! Overall, awesome, delicious and no regrets 🙂

Cheers, Kate

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