Aldi Obsession

Ginger & Pepper walk into an Aldi… the rest is history ❤ Both of us spices have a long-standing relationship (aka: LOVE) with this grocer.  Why is Aldi amazing? Let me tell you… AldiWorldwideLogo.svg

  1. Efficient: Aldi stocks their supplies in their original boxes so there is no time lost moving product to the shelf. In addition, Every store is set up in a way that you walk directly into the first aisle, down the second aisle, up the third, etc. So foot traffic is only traveling one-way.
  2. Fast Check-Out: In the check-out line, you may notice bar codes on multiples sides of the products. This makes the check-out process extra speedy for the cashiers. After scanning your products, they drop them into an empty cart instead of bagging them (you can do that yourself, after check out). You can also swipe your credit / debit card to pay for your food before they are done scanning your items… #genius
  3. Economical: Aldi has the cheapest prices! Ginger & I always joke about who can spend the most at Aldi. Typical grocery bill hovers around $30. PS: Greek Yogurt is only $3.59 for a large (32 oz) container. Beat that!
  4. Less Decisions: There are no duplicate brands!!! If you want yellow mustard, you only have one choice! Perfect for the contemplater in me.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Bags for groceries can be purchased for $0.10 so it really encourages me to bring my own! Another option many shoppers take advantage of is using leftover boxes from the shelves to carry their groceries.
  6. Carts: This is more of a tip/trick, but in order to reduce the number of stolen carts (another way they keep their operating costs down) is that shoppers deposit a quarter into the cart in order to unlock it from the line of carts. In order to get your quarter back, you must put your cart back in the line of carts (which is located outside of the store… no sense in using building space to store carts, right?! #efficiency again). Another plus to this system is that it allows you an opportunity to interact with shoppers who are just coming into the store – I have had multiple parking lot quarter-exchanges over my years shopping at Aldi.
  7. Double Back Guarantee: This just might be one of my favorites.
  8. Pays Employees Well: Need I say more?
  9. International foods: Aldi is a German company (If you go to Germany, you will see Aldi there too!!!) so they carry a variety of German foods. Chocolate? Yes.
  10. Gluten Free Line: Y’all know I’m not into the gluten-free craze at all… BUT Aldi’s liveGfree line of products has been recognized several times for various awards. They generally utilize wholesome ingredients and offer a variety of products.
  11. Organic Line: Again, not my cup-of-tea, but if it suits your fancy, Aldi also offers a wide variety of organic options.
  12. Fit & Active Line: Products in this line are meant to help promote health and fitness! Here you will find your soups lower in sodium, breads higher in fiber, and snacks lower in sugar. This line hosts my all-time favorite food:  Fit&Active Flatbread. If you’re interested in this product, you can also read my review. 


There are over 10,000 Aldi stores in 20 different countries to date. Be sure to find the closest one to you if you haven’t yet!!!

xoxo ❤ Pepper (PS: Aldi spices are only $1 each)

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