It’s National RDN Day!

Wednesday, March 14th is Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) Day, which recognizes RDN’s as the lead nutrition experts in the world today. RDN Day is always celebrated on the second Wednesday of March’s National Nutrition Month. It just so happens that this year we also share the holiday with National Pie Day (3.14…)! How food-fitting!

In honor of National RDN Day, we are sharing some fun food bits about our Spice Girls Team.  What better way to do that than with  a round of 21 questions?! See what we foods we love, what foods we can’t stand, and  our personal insights to all things nutrition! We hope you enjoy reading our responses as much as we loved writing them!

1. Unhealthiest food in my fridge/pantry:

  • Cayenne: I have probably 5-10 different salad dressings that are not “healthy” in any way
  • Cinnamon: Talenti gelato, sea salt Carmel flavor!
  • Ginger: Cheez-its, currently have a bag of Lindor chocolates on hand
  • Salt: Oreos (which I love)
  • Pepper: Canned Frosting
  • Vanilla: Marshmallow Fluff

2. Alcoholic beverage of choice

  • Cayenne: Dry red wine
  • Cinnamon: ANY IPA! I love beer, I need to move to Colorado
  • Ginger: IPA, especially from Founders
  • Salt: How can I choose? Blue moon, red wine, gin and tonic
  • Pepper: Bud Light Lime
  • Vanilla: I love craft beers especially red amber ales & fruity wheat beers

3. My weirdest food combination

  • Cayenne: Pizza and ranch? Probably not that weird but I love it
  • Cinnamon: Sweet potato fries & peanut butter
  • Ginger: Peanut butter, jelly, and cottage cheese
  • Salt:  Cottage cheese and meat (I used this as a moisture method when I was younger and my parents made me eat meat that was too dry, but now I enjoy eating them in the same spoonful!)
  • Pepper: Peanut Butter & Carrots
  • Vanilla: Potato skins & syrup. My brother & I did it when we were younger and it has stuck with me!

4. My favorite spice and why

  • Cayenne: Cayenne pepper (obviously) – I love spicy food
  • Cinnamon: Curry. I love strong flavors. Also there is nothing like going to your local Asian take-out and getting Spicy Basil Curry!
  • Ginger: Cinnamon
  • Salt: Curry – I always forget how good it is and every time I have it it’s like discovering it all over again!
  • Pepper: Black Pepper – I like it spicy
  • Vanilla: Cinnamon – I love it in baking and in candles. It’s the only spice I buy in bulk.

5. Most overrated food fad

  • Cayenne: Gluten free with no actual indications that it’s needed. I feel bad for people who have celiac disease or other related diseases that aren’t taken seriously
  • Cinnamon: Whole 30 or becoming Gluten Free without Celiac’s Disease. Not so much overrated but I am sick of hearing about this.
  • Ginger: Juice Cleanses – please STOP people
  • Salt: PALEO
  • Pepper: Gluten Free
  • Vanilla: Paleo, since when have we looked to caveman as “intelligent” for how we should eat?

6. My go-to travel snack

  • Cayenne: Veggies and dip or hummus and crackers
  • Cinnamon: Beef Jerky- for a couple ounces it really fills you up for a long time
  • Ginger: Apples or protein bars – I drive a lot for work so my lunch bag is always filled so I can eat wherever I’m at.
  • Salt: Usually bars – I don’t have to prepare anything, they taste good, shelf stable and provide at least some nutrition most of the time.
  • Pepper: Carrots – I like the crunch, especially while driving, and they are very durable
  • Vanilla: Protein bars or any other type of fruit & nut bar. I keep them in my gym bag, purse, car, work drawer, you name it!

7. Favorite candy

  • Cayenne: Dark chocolate, specifically Dove dark chocolate
  • Cinnamon: a tie between Reeses and gummy octopuses (so underrated compared to gummy worms)
  • Ginger: Anything chocolate, you won’t see me in the “Healthy Checkout” line at the grocery store
  • Salt: Tough choice…if I had to choose, probably “healthy” chocolate, like the Brookside chocolate covered fruit or chocolate covered espresso beans!
  • Pepper: Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla: For chocolate I like anything with a chocolate & mint combo, for sweets its Swedish Fish

8. My staple breakfast food

  • Cayenne: Peanut butter on whole wheat toast or a breakfast sandwich (whole wheat toast, egg, little bit of cheese and some sort of mixed green)
  • Cinnamon:  If I meal prep for the week I make “Eat Slow, Run Fast” superhero muffins. But if I don’t I eat a lot of eggs waffles and peanut butter, siggi’s yogurt with fresh fruit, or avocado toast with an egg
  • Ginger: Oatmeal with powdered peanut butter and flax
  • Salt: CEREAL
  • Pepper: Greek Yogurt
  • Vanilla: Oatmeal plus whatever “mix-ins” I have on hand like fruit, spices, and nut butters

9. Food I eat almost every day

  • Cayenne: Salads of all different variety
  • Cinnamon: Coffee
  • Ginger: Greek yogurt
  • Salt: CEREAL and coffee
  • Pepper: Peanut Butter
  • Vanilla: Some type of nut butter

10. Favorite nutrition topic or area of nutrition

  • Cayenne: Critical care working with feeding tubes and TPN, especially in pediatrics
  • Cinnamon: Sports nutrition obviously, but I also love learning about chronic diseases and how the impact of nutrition helps.
  • Ginger: That’s hard! I work in the community setting so public health issues are very interesting to me
  • Salt: Health promotion and balanced eating techniques
  • Pepper: Metabolism
  • Vanilla: Health education and weight management

11. How I like my coffee

  • Cayenne: Prefer espresso, almond milk vanilla lattes are my favorite
  • Cinnamon: Coffee with a shot of Fairlife Chocolate Milk
  • Ginger: Black
  • Salt: usually just with a splash of milk or chocolate milk
  • Pepper: With a teaspoon of full-fat, whipped, evaporated milk
  • Vanilla: I typically drink it black, but I love “frou-frou” drinks on occasion!

12. Favorite kitchen gadget

  • Cayenne: Baking sheets + aluminum foil – no clean up and you don’t have to pay attention while its cooking
  • Cinnamon: Sounds silly but I love this $2 cookbook stand. Keeps my cookbook a little neater.
  • Ginger: Spiralizer
  • Salt: avocado all in 1 tool
  • Pepper: Electric Kettle
  • Vanilla: A good sharp knife & bamboo cutting board

13. The strangest food I’ve ever tried

  • Cayenne: Fried cricket tacos
  • Cinnamon: I’ve had duck, tripe, duck, carpe, fish eyeballs, the only thing that has made me thrown up was pickled herring
  • Ginger: Octopus
  • Salt: Tripe (cow tongue)
  • Pepper: Bear, moose, elk, caribou
  • Vanilla: I had a roommate in college from China who had me try some interesting foods, I never asked what they were… it was probably for the best!

14. Favorite meal mom makes

  • Cayenne: Soups in the winter – especially chicken corn chowder or chicken tortilla
  • Cinnamon: Both my mom and dad make wonderful meals. But I love when my mom makes pesto.
  • Ginger: Lucy chicken – my mom’s friend Lucy gave her the recipe and the name stuck! It’s chicken rolled in italian breadcrumbs and parm cheese
  • Salt: Zuppa Toscana soup (Olive Garden knock off)
  • Pepper: Spinach Pie
  • Vanilla: Patty Melts

15. Favorite ethnic cuisine

  • Cayenne: Authentic Mexican. My coworkers bring in food almost every other week!
  • Cinnamon: French! Only because my love for butter!
  • Ginger: Mexican
  • Salt: Mexican
  • Pepper: Mexican
  • Vanilla: Me 5! Mexican. Looks like Cinnamon is the odd one out…

16. Favorite brand and flavor of health/protein bar

  • Cayenne: Peanut butter dark chocolate Perfect bar
  • Cinnamon:  Favorite protein bar nowadays are Kize bars. These are made in Oklahoma! I really love the coca flavor!
  • Ginger: RX bar
  • Salt: I switch around A LOT on these. Cliff has been my go-to for meal replacement, but I like Special K Protein bars for snack.
  • Pepper: Cherry Pie Lara Bar
  • Vanilla: This is like picking a favorite child. But if I had to pick one it would be KIND Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut

17. Food/meal I’ve never tried but want to

  • Cayenne: Can’t think of anything specifically, but I’d love to travel to Europe, especially Italy and try all the different cuisines
  • Cinnamon:  I really want to have homemade pizza where it was invented in Naples!
  • Ginger: Gizzards?? I don’t know maybe that is too extreme… haha
  • Salt: Nothing comes to mind! but I will try anything once…
  • Pepper: Liver & Onions
  • Vanilla: I want to try some exotic fruit

18. I put _____ on everything

  • Cayenne: Spices!
  • Cinnamon: Sriracha/Peanut Butter
  • Ginger: Cheese- feta, bleu, parm, shredded, sliced…goes with everything
  • Salt: Sriracha
  • Pepper: SPICES
  • Vanilla: Pepper

19. Food I can’t stand

  • Cayenne: Olives, no matter how many times I try them
  • Cinnamon: Olives. I mean every time they are offered- I’m like you know I think I’ll like them. But nope. Can’t stand them.
  • Ginger: Tomato guts
  • Salt: Jello…like what is the point
  • Pepper: Jello
  • Vanilla: Peas (Or shall I saw booger balls? Ew!)

20. Favorite place to eat out

  • Cayenne: Crazy Horse Steakhouse in Holland, MI
  • Cinnamon: I really like Panera. But I love family owned restaurants. I love Lloyd Taco Factory in Buffalo, Buffalo Proper, Elm Street Bakery, 42 North, The Grange, my love of Buffalo Restaurants is unreal. Unfortunately, I have not found any restaurants in Oklahoma yet…. But as you can tell on my Instagram- I love eating out & documenting it- #noshame
  • Ginger: Allen Burger Venture in Buffalo
  • Salt: CHICK-FIL-A – fast food I can feel okay about (they literally have grilled nuggets, who has that? So great) and the service really is awesome, not to mention the innovative ketchup packets I discovered there that changed my life! Oh and waffles fries…
  • Pepper: El Huarache in Holland, Michigan – BEST authentic Mexican food around!
  • Vanilla: Chipotle & Blaze Pizza. I love places where I can customize my meal!

21. Since it’s also Pie Day, my favorite pie is…

  • Cayenne: Anything chocolate
  • Cinnamon: Apple
  • Ginger: Apple
  • Salt: Dutch Apple
  • Pepper: Rhubarb
  • Vanilla: Lemon Meringue

Wishing you all a Healthy & Happy RDN Day & National Nutrition Month!





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