Cherry Juice & Probiotics

I’ve been living the dream in Oklahoma for 7 months now, and knowing life never slows down makes it very easy to ditch your healthy habits and mindlessly eat! I can’t tell you how many times I eat on-the-go or while doing something else. (Like, writing this post with my new obsession of Girl Scout Cookie Cereal… which I’ll definitely bring up in a future post). However, who is afraid to open up about their goals and talk about how they want to improve their nutrition? 18-year old Abbie would not even think to talk about any goals other than how fast I am going to run a 3k steeple. So along with National Nutrition Month, I wanted to share a great tip: Having an accountability friend! 


This year, Katarina, another Graduate Assistant at The University of Oklahoma, and I ensure we are sticking to our goals of:

  1. Run More! … Since we plan to RUN a Half Marathon
  2. Drink a serving of Cherry Juice a Day
  3. Take our Probiotics & Vitamin D Daily
  4. Eat the Color of the Rainbow!
  5. Keep each other accountable!

Living in Buffalo, I had fellow Spice Girl Ginger Spice to run & hang out with all the time. She kept me accountable and definitely had fun doing it. Between exploring all the great scene Buffalo has to offer along with road races, nutrition advice, concerts, or cheering each other on in our own races! Therefore, I am beyond lucky to have another friend to run with in the blustering Oklahoma wind, also a dietitian we have some odd nutrition goals….

Like CHERRY JUICE! Known to improve your sleep but did you know that the delicious tart cherry juice can also increase muscle repair and decrease inflammation!? In a cool study (because it included long distance runners 🙂) consuming cherry juice exibited similar results as taking ibuprofen! I am definitely no longer running 80+ mile weeks but running around the campus & carrying gatorade takes a tole on your body – therefore I like to think cherry juice decreases the inflammation in my body. If not, I can 100% say I have no issues sleeping- -thanks to the increased levels of melatonin with consumption of cherry juice.

Additionally, another goal I have is taking a probiotic and vitamin D. Working indoors, being a white women, and although I love fatty-fish I do not consume it nearly enough – I am at risk for having low vitamin D levels. Therefore, I take a low dose of vitamin D along with a probiotic daily. Having a healthy gut is having a healthy life. Yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir and kimchi are all great sources. Along with fatty-fish I do not consume nearly enough. *Disclaimer* I believe in food-first and supplement only when one is needed. Since going back to school and having a bit of a crazy life, of eating on the go, one is needed.

How do you achieve your nutrition goals? Do you have someone to hold yourself accountable? Share with the Spice Girls!



XOXO Cinnamon



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