National Nutrition Month®

Graphic_NNM18_GoFurther_FINAL.gifMarch is National Nutrition Month®! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dedicates this month to celebrate its Academy members as the most valuable and credible source of timely, scientifically-based food and nutrition information. Throughout the month, the Academy promotes the importance of developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. This year the theme is, “Go Further with Food.” By preparing our meals and snacks in advance we create healthier eating habits but also help to reduce food loss and waste.

During this month, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day is also celebrated and this year it falls on March 14th. Around the country Registered Dietitians put on events, create posters and have celebrations to increase the awareness of their role in the community as the indispensable providers of food and nutrition services. At the hospital I work at, our team of RD’s are providing interactive activities for hospital staff to learn tips for reducing food waste, about foods to help improve gut health (and taste Kefir!), and a chance to win a cookbook or fresh herbs and seasonings!

Be sure to check out the Academy’s National Nutrition Month® website for more information!

A couple ways I plan to “Go Further with Food”

  • Utilize my freezer! I find myself preparing multiple meals for the week and always having 1-2 that don’t get eaten. Instead, I should just throw a few in the freezer so I can eat them later in the month (and prepare even less)! I also find myself buying too much produce when I go shopping and something ends up going bad. Instead, I should make sure to steam, roast, etc. everything up before it goes bad and throw it in the freezer if I don’t think I’ll eat it.
  • I am guilty of going to the grocery store before checking what I have on hand. Without fail I come home with a seasoning, frozen or fresh produce, canned good, etc. I already have. Eventually my pantry gets too full and I end up throwing away expired foods. My goal is to start making a list on my phone as I run out of items so I know when they need to be replaced instead of just guessing!

How will YOU go further with food this month?

❤ Hilarie

PSA: Look out for Vanilla’s post on Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day for a closer look at what a dietitian actually does and a quick Q&A with all your favorite spice girls!

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