Making Room. My Faith Journey and Lent 2018


I have not posted on Instagram since last year, November 28, 2017…. I have not gotten my nails done, hair highlighted or purchased any clothing since before the holidays. I eat cereal at work for breakfast most days and the only thing I really do in regard to meal prep is buy prepared salads and throw it in my lunch pal with yogurt and an apple for lunch. My normal dinners are shakes which consist of frozen bananas, milk and protein powder because I don’t have the motivation to make anything nice after CrossFit (which is around 7:45pm).

I have thought about this behavior over the last several weeks and thought, “Am I just getting lazy?” and “Why don’t I care about these things anymore?”.


…As some of you may know, I am on the journey of becoming a Catholic! I have been attending mass ever since I met some good Catholic friends in college at MSU (one of them being Vanilla aka Haley)! It truly has been one of the most awesome and rewarding things I have ever done and it will change my life forever. I am currently attending a Bible study on the gospel of Mark with my awesome Catholic sponsor and we go to Bab el Salam to eat Fatoush salad and hummus before we go! We also have a Lenten retreat coming up in a couple weeks that I know will be awesome! Haley and I are attending together and will get the whole day to build on our faith and friendship in Christ.

Part of the Catholic faith is participating in Lent. During Lent, many Christians commit to fasting, as well as “giving up” certain luxeries in order to “replicate the sacrifice” of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert for 40 days. Ash Wednesday is the day we start this journey and this year it happens to be on Valentine’s Day (no steak or chocolate!). We do this to prepare for the Easter season and Jesus’s death on the cross for us. Many people dread this and give up things that are easily achievable for the 40 days, or think they need to do it to please the Lord. However, the point of lent is not to just participate or complete a check mark, it’s something you should desire to do because the Lord already loves you…we talked a lot about this in our small group. Lent should not feel like something we NEED to do to be accepted or worthy of God, it’s something we should enjoy doing in the fact that we feel so loved by him and he is pleased with us always. Seriously, always…no matter cool is that?! Many people give up certain foods or food groups, so please comment if you already have something in mind!


Anyway, I think the more I have learned to understand this, I have gradually cut some of the superficial things out of my life subconsciously. Not that I don’t enjoy those things or won’t ever do them again, but they just don’t matter as much. I still love being a foodie and will probably still post on IG, get my nails done, go shopping, but sometimes you just have to make a little room. Even with meal prep, going to the gym and eating healthy. It’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay for that not to be a priority sometimes (even though as an RD I feel bad slacking in this area). It’s okay to make room to sit in the quiet, it’s okay not to have something scheduled every minute of every day. It’s okay to gain 3# and it’s okay to not alway be on top of everything.


Part of this post was also inspired by Leah Darrow a Catholic podcaster and former America’s next top model. It’s inspired by St. Mother Theresa who says ,“Do something beautiful for God, do it with your life, do it everyday, but whatever you do, just do it.” Haley recommended it to me and I listen to it all the time! It’s my go-to for long car rides now. Highly recommend downloading it on the podcast app (it’s free) and even if you aren’t Catholic, it’s just really good life stuff!..anyway Season 1 Episode 7 called “The Beauty of Empty” really hit home for me and talks about his concept of making room. Listen to it! It will make you feel so much better. Whether you are on a faith journey, health and fitness journey or just getting through life, it really helps to get a grip on this concept of “making room” for God or whatever it is you need to work on prioritizing. We can be so filled with things and stuff and pressure, that we need to remember to save room to be empty for God. I have always been a planner, a scheduler, somebody who if I am busy and accomplish a lot in an efficient way, then I am successful. So it’s very different than what I default to. I have not decided what exactly I am giving up this year for lent, but I can assure you I have already begun making room!

Anyway, I hope this was a breath of fresh air and that you can feel okay about slowing down and taking time to find the beauty in being empty. You don’t need to eat perfectly, meal prep all the time or be at the gym constantly. I love you and God loves you even if you don’t do these things 🙂

Cheers, Kate


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