Holiday Q&A with the Spice Girls!

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1.) What is your favorite holiday treat?

Abbie – On Christmas Eve my family always goes to the bar Cole’s in Buffalo where we always have wings! Growing up I didn’t care for them, but after moving away to Oklahoma – they are good!

Hilarie – Going to Habachi with my family on Christmas Eve! So much food and fun!

Kati – Our family’s famous sugar cookies! It’s my grandma’s “secret” recipe and my mom and I set aside a day each year before Christmas to bake, frost and decorate them.

Kristen – Mexican Wedding Ring cookies. Although the name is controversial (& I don’t even think they are Mexican…) my grandma makes them each year and they are my favorite!

Kaitlyn – Bailey’s in my coffee Christmas morning, or the traditional cut out cookies!

Haley – My Grandma’s chocolate chip meringue cookies. (Grandmas are #1 when it comes to holiday baking!)


2.) What do you cherish most about the holiday season?

Abbie – Being with my family. I love spending time with my parents and sister. Additionally, I love our annual father-daughter day at the mall. My father is very silly – so trying to help him figure out what to get my mom is always fun!

Hilarie – I love waking up to have brunch with my family! We have nowhere to go and can lounge in our pajamas all morning with endless food (and coffee with Rumchata)!

Kati – I enjoy the time away from work! I think it’s important to step away from daily routine to relax and energize yourself for the New Year!

Kristen – Participating in my family’s Christmas tradition and seeing friends & family!

Kaitlyn – My holiday is very relaxing and we make it our goal to watch all the classic Christmas movies.

Haley – I love going to mass with my family on Christmas and seeing our church’s nativity scene. It’s a beautiful remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!


3.) As a dietitian, do you dread all the sweets and indulgent foods over break?

Abbie – I don’t really dread the eating part. It took a while but I finally have a healthy relationship with food that I don’t have to worry about “did I run enough to eat the cookie cut out” or “would this effect my training”. It took a while, but similar to what Kaitlyn said, remember your intuitive eating goals!

Hilarie – Not at all! If I dreaded eating something, why would I eat it?! My least favorite item at brunch was the cinnamon rolls. I don’t really crave sweets for breakfast, prefer the hearty, heavy stuff!

Kati – No, in fact I look forward to them! It’s the only time of year you get to have all the classics; sugar cookies, prime rib, ham, mashed potatoes and of course Christmas Ale and amazing holiday cocktails! It all depends on your end goal, my goal is to do things that make me happy and that includes indulgence, healthy foods and exercise, so I choose not to sacrifice any of them!

Kristen – I don’t dread sweets or indulgent foods, but they sure can be tempting. Over the years I have developed tricks to avoid this such as exercising the morning of, filling half of my plate with vegetables, and eating a smaller main course so I have room for dessert.

Kaitlyn – I don’t dread eating! This year, I made it a goal to not feel guilty about I eat and listen to my body’s hunger/fullness cues.

Haley – I dread how I feel after I’ve eaten too much sugar over the course of a few days. (or weeks…) I feel sluggish, my skin breaks out and my digestive system gets out of wack. However, it’s a good reminder that my body is telling me it can’t handle those foods in excess. I then do my best to replenish my body with whole foods and lots of water!


4.) What will you be working on in 2018 to better your overall health?

Abbie – My resolution is to run again. After breaking my femur this past May, I have been very hesitant  to run again or I put it off really easily. Therefore, it is my goal to go back and run again. An action step is that I signed up for the half marathon in Oklahoma!

Hilarie – Cooking more at home. I go out with friends often and end up eating less meals at home than I would like, this way I’ll learn to try even more recipes, eat healthier and save money!

Kati – Better/regular grocery shopping, explore new lunch packing options and go-to meals and be able to do a strict pull up and multiple toes-to-bar at Crossfit!

Kristen – One of my goals for 2018 is to be able to do a pull-up!

Kaitlyn – Complete an Olympic distance triathlon and PR at the Buffalo Marathon!

Haley – I want to be better about eating meals at my kitchen table. Since I live alone many nights I eat while standing in my kitchen or just snack while doing chores around my apartment. I want to learn to enjoy and savor my meal times.



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