Defining Moderation

You may hear the word moderation so overused that it indirectly looses its meaning. Most health professionals recommend not cutting a habit out completely, but enjoying it or doing it “in moderation.” How can you quantify moderation? Like how exactly do I eat ice cream in moderation? Once a week? What if it’s low fat? Then can I eat it more often?

As I was at friend’s lake house this weekend drinking Mimosas on the boat, I decided what moderation means to me. I find moderation when I don’t feel guilty for over doing it, but I don’t feel deprived or have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). When I find the happy medium between both of these emotions, I seem to find the most balance.

Who wants to go to a gathering and be that one person who isn’t drinking because they are “dieting.” On the other hand, no one wants to be sitting on the sidelines because they are ashamed of how they over indulge or of their own body. If I know I will be having beer and lots of good food in the near future, I make sure to eat well and exercise leading up to that. For instance, Saturday morning we rode bikes 13 miles to the Lansing Brewing Company and then enjoyed the sunshine over a delicious lunch and brew! When I am staying active and eating well the majority of the time, it makes the indulgent experiences worth even more. I encourage you to search for that type of balance in your own life, because it’s not the same for everyone! It’s 80/20 for me always!

Side note – Wanted to share my Sunday meal prep recipe! I was looking to clean out my cupboards and get rid of all the random baggies of goodies, so I came up with this number 🙂

Cocoa-Almond Pear Tropical Energy Bites 


ingredients// 1 1/2c oats * 1/2c almonds * 1/4c dark chocolate covered coconut chunks * 1c unsweetened, dried pears * 1c shredded, unsweetened coconut * 1/4c cashew butter * 3/4c Pure Michigan maple syrup (from my family’s farm!)

what i did//  rough pulsed the almonds and chocolate covered coconut chunks in my Magic Bullet * chopped the dried pears * combined everything in my mixer and mixed about 1-2 minutes * scooped into bite size portions

Turned out amazing and now I have a portable healthy snack for the week! You can substitute any fruit, nuts or binders and come up with any recipes and flavor combos you like!

Cheers! – Kate


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