Top Tips to Navigating the Farmer’s Market

Saturdays are for the Farmers! Each week, I make time to head over to the market to gather my weekly produce and support local farmers. Here are my top tips to navigating the market:

North Tonawanda Farmers Market

Come Prepared

  • Cash: More and more farmers are taking credit but most only take cash.
  • Reusable Bag: Pick one up at your local grocery store or reuse a plastic bag. My bag of the week you ask? Provided by Siggi’s Dairy!
  • Dog: Markets are very dog friendly. Unfortunately, I do not have a dog so instead I invited local Spice Girl, Cinnamon 🙂




Ask Questions:

See an item you don’t recognize? Ask! Farmers are always willing to answer questions; farming is their passion, they love talking about it! Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample or for suggestions on how to prepare items. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Other questions to ask: Where is your farm located? What other produce do you grow? What can I look out for in the next few weeks? 


Browse and compare products:

I like to take a lap around first before buying anything. This way I can make a note of which vendor has which product and compare prices.


Enjoy the other local vendors:

Sweets and coffee are my weakness! From pastries, bagels, donuts and biscotti, my market has it all. Remember: it’s okay to enjoy a sweet treat every once in awhile. The local coffee shop also has a stand so I can grab a cold brew as I browse. Other vendors that have popped up include wineries, a meadery, homemade pasta and pickles, dog treats, maple syrup, and more!



Hopefully these tips will guide your next farmers market trip! This week I purchased strawberries, rhubarb, greens (my FAVORITE), and asparagus all for under $15!


Eat your veggies, Ginger


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  1. Cinnamon001 says:

    what did you Make with the rhubarb???


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