Big Weekend

It was a big weekend for Pepper and I! We both COMPLETED the Fifth Third River Bank Run in Grand Rapids, MI. We ran the Mighty Niagara half marathon back in September and immediately began searching for our next race. Kristen suggested the River Bank 25k. I was hesitant at first since a 25k totals out to be 15.5 miles, longer than a half marathon. In the words of Kristen, “a 25k in honor of our 25th year of life.” I am not 25 yet, but of course she convinced me! This race is the biggest 25k in the country and brings people from all over to participate.  It was a long winter training and with Kristen in Columbus and myself in Buffalo we continued to support and cheer each other on through texts and phone calls. And of course, Abbie, was my awesome in-person running buddy!

When I am training for any race, I make sure I have a plan. I am not the best at sticking to a day by day plan so instead I look at it weekly and work backward. For example, my longest run prior to the race was 15 miles and I wanted to run that 2 weeks before (Saturday April 29th). From there, I counted down the miles; 14 miles on Saturday April 22nd, 13 miles on Saturday April 15th and so on.  This is what works for me. Whether training for a race or trying to eat healthier, having a plan in place is crucial. What works one week may not work the next. Even as a dietitian, a plan is what keeps me eating healthy during the week and eating out less. Taking one day a week to plan out meals and physical activity will save time later on. This will help you stay happy & health 🙂

Race day was amazing! The weather was perfect and the crowd was loud. We even ‘ran’ into a few other Michigan State RD’s who were also participating. This spring weather was not on our side as for training, many long runs were windy, cold and there was a chance of rain almost every weekend. But we lucked out for race day with warm temps and the sun shining.


Crossing the finish line is one of the best feelings! Whether you made the time you were hoping for or not, finishing a race is always a big accomplishment. I spent the rest of the weekend visiting friends from college, celebrating my dad’s birthday and mother’s day and of course eating! Ha!

Are you a runner? Have you thought about running? Running is not for everyone but I encourage you to give it a try. The thought of setting a goal and accomplishing it is the best feeling. Connect with a friend who also runs, join a running club, try a Couch to 5k program…whatever it might be, nutrition and exercise is the best prescription for staying healthy.

What are your favorite ways to stay active? What helps you stick to your nutrition and activity plans?

Run Happy 🙂 ~Ginger

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