“Food for Thought”

Cliche right?

As I was thinking  what I wanted to blog about this week, something came to mind. How did I even become such a foodie anyway? I honestly was not this into food like 3 years ago. Yes, duh I was studying nutrition, but how did I become so intrigued and how did it really impact my relationship with food? That’s the question I want to answer and that’s what I want to share.

Although RDs study and practice nutrition their entire lives, doesn’t mean they are perfect 24/7. I did not have good eating or exercise habits in college…like at all. I would go out with my friends and drink and eat nachos until 2am and then sleep on it. Ugh. Then feel entirely guilty the next day, but still continue to engage in this activity night after night. I would convince myself that I needed to experience these things because “you’re only in college once.” Well, this is true and I don’t regret any of those experiences, but something was missing. Although I was educated about nutrition, I was finding it hard to be passionate about it, I needed an outlet to really connect with what I was doing – then I discovered Instagram…anyone else late to social media parties? I also seem to think I don’t need all these channels, but I know now, I did need IG.

I began to look at other nutrition influencers on Instagram and immediately knew this was my calling. Something that was unique to me, supported my career path and was applicable to my everyday encounters with eating. After just posting a few photos, I was hooked and never looked back. I began to appreciate food for all that it was – the colors, the way it could look on a plate, the endless possibilities of flavor combinations, the styling techniques with trendy plates and bowls, the different photography techniques…when I discovered food itself was more interesting than just eating it, my relationship with food improved tremendously, as well as my passion for the field. I didn’t realize I was really abusing food until I saw it as something worth value and something that could be a hobby without just eating more. Sampling, splitting food with friends and just saying no are so much easier than it used to be. I now savor every bite on my plate not just thinking about going up for seconds. Sometimes, I am more excited about the picture I take and the content than even eating it! Of course there are cravings and of course sometimes I just want to eat McDonalds, but for the most part my habits have changed and I have a much more appreciative relationship with food. I allow myself to get hungry so that when I do eat, I am really eating for a purpose. I also no longer find foods like pasta and burgers that interesting unless they are loaded with cool veggies, greens or have a unique healthy twist on them, which has helped a lot with not wasting my calories on boring foods. If you catching me eating this type of stuff, it’s usually because I am literally starving or broke and didn’t grocery shop that week! I’ve learned to “spend” my daily food allowance on things that are exciting and/or I know are beneficial to me.

Relaying nutrition information to others through a social channel is one of the most satisfying things I have discovered. I encourage you to try something like this if you have found yourself just “blah” with food. If you overeat, binge or even just don’t care that much about food, try looking at it in a different light (literally too). Even if it’s not food, but something you are “stuck on”. Find an outlet that may change your perspective on things.

Pictured below: drinking wine at Horrock’s with a BFF while perusing through the multitude of produce, meats and cheeses. uh #life


Cheers, Kate

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