This or That?

OK guys – after the gym tonight, I had to run in to Walmart to get some essentials…I was literally out of everything. Even my pantry/freezer stash for when things get desperate was out of stock. Walmart is right across from my gym so it’s nice for quick trips. They actually have a pretty nice produce section, and I can get the basics pretty conveniently and for a decent price.

Anyway, near the produce they always have the “health” snacks, right? You know, the nuts, dried fruit, trail mix and chocolate covered fancy and trendy, it always pulls me in. Decided to grab these plantain chips. They have a natural, sustainable looking package and they are “sea salted” so they MUST be healthier than the average processed potato chip, right? These are things we think about with every purchase and its so easy to convince ourself that something is better just based on the packaging, location in the store or main ingredient (plantains in this case). So when I got home, I decided to actually look at the label. As I was skimming it, I realized it looked too familiar….it was almost identical to Doritos!

Both are about a 30g serving

Calories – both 150

Total Fat – both 8g

Sat Fat (the fats we want to limit) – plantains 2.5g/Doritos 1g (ahh! – darn palm oil)

Sodium – plantains 120mg/Doritos 180mg (pretty comparable) Sea salt – is NOT better for you than regular in regard to sodium content. Sea salt may have a bit more vitamins and minerals, but usually does not contain Iodine like table salt does. Iodine is important for preventing goiter. So next time, don’t let the sea salt win you over.

Carbs – plantains 20g/Doritos 18g (pretty comparable)

Dietary fiber – plantains 1g/Doritos 2g (realllyyyy…)

Protein – plantains <1g/Doritos 2g (get it Doritos)

Ingredient lists – I missed the list on the Doritos, but it is a bit lengthier and has some artificials etc. The plantains do have that “clean list” but I am still not sold.

Taste – plantains were good and satisfying but Doritos are just so cheesy and delicious

Cost – the plantains were about $3.00 for the bag that contains 8 servings. Not sure how much the Doritos were for the big box of individual bags (my roommate buys them) but I guarantee they are A LOT cheaper.

In my opinion these snacks are equals . Hopefully, you are not binge eating either of these items and just having them occasionally – I would choose which one tastes better and costs less after the nutrition review 🙂 Happy Snacking

Cheers, Kate

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