Cinnamon, here & ready for my first posting!

A fellow RD, retired PSU runner, and a lover of all food & travel. You can follow me on Instagram of my recent travels, coffee stops, runs, and consumption of food!

Lately, I am spending a majority of my money on dried mango (the best is from the Lexington Co-Op).  I spend between $20-40 per month, luckily I am a member and get a decent discount. However, after stopping by my father’s office I snatched his Dehydrator. It is from the brand Presto and has 5 layers.

After taking it home I immediately plugged it in and was INTIMIDATED by the size! How was I supposed to use this big machine… but as I was eating my pricey, sweet, delicious dried mango, I thought of what to make: DRIED MANGO!

I quickly stopped into Wegmans, purchased perfectly ripe mango ( 2 for $4) and then prepared for my next move. First peel off the skin, which can be done using a knife, and slice into thick pieces. Additionally, mangos have a stone-pit & super slimy! So do not be afraid if it is hard to cut.

Next place the sliced fruit on the plastic screen and plug it in!

This is the hardest part of the process, waiting. To make the process go faster I had brunch with fellow RD friends, cleaned my desk, and went for a run! Ok… it didn’t take that long, maybe just 4-5 hours. The nice part of the machine is you can open it up whenever you want to! So easy!

My next mission is dried apples, then maybe sweet potatoes, or is it beets?…. hmmm… I will keep you posted!

Mango Doing Its Thing
A better look at the Dehydrator!


Look at those homemade beautiful mango chips!

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