REAL Holiday Eating Tips

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the absence the past few months, hopefully you have been following me on Instagram (@platesbykate) for more frequent posts about recipes, eating, groceries and more!

In the upcoming months, I hope to transition the blog into a group blog, featuring other registered dietitians and friends! Each of us will have an area of expertise that relates to nutrition and wellness. This way, we can maximize our posting frequency while providing a wide range of topics! Areas will include;

  • Fitness and Corporate Wellness
  • Community and School Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition Research
  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning
  • Quick recipes
  • Food and Travel/Ethnic Cuisine

Anyway, you always see articles right before the holidays regarding eating and how to make it through the season without weight gain! Well, we all know some of them just aren’t realistic and even though we know them, they are easier said than done. Here is my best advice to help you out at the holiday buffet!

1.) Eat Before You Go: Most claim eating before the party will help you feel full and not be as indulgent…sorry no. If I know there will be prime rib and apple pie there, I am eating it regardless of if I ate before or not, and probably in the same amount. If you are practicing this method, make sure the first snack or meal is not as calorie dense and won’t just pack on extra in the long run. Try a glass of milk, a yogurt, a salad or some veggies. (I usually try to hit the veggie tray first to fill up anyway when I get there.) Idea is good in theory, but make sure you are being realistic.

2.) Distract Yourself: Upon arriving, chew gum or have a mint. When my mouth is minty fresh, I don’t have as big of an urge to eat. If you plan to have a beverage, keep this in your hand as long as possible and sip it slowly (especially if it’s alcohol). Eating with one hand occupied is much harder. Hold a purse or a cute boy’s hand, whatever it takes! Sit with friends and chat to occupy yourself until the meal.

3.) Wear Form Fitting Clothes: The worst, trust me, I know. It takes everything inside every girl not to wear leggings and baggy sweater, but this method legit works. If you wear baggy clothes, it gives you permission to stuff yourself and be slouchy. But that’s what the holidays are for right? Yes, but keep your self confidence and your goals in mind!

4.) Plates – Use Them!: Do not stand by the food table and just continue to take small bites. This will add up to way more than a normal portion. Get a plate, and leave the premises!

5.) Start Thinking About Leftovers: Plan on just one plate, don’t go back for seconds. You will find yourself miserable later. Eat your plate, grab one dessert and move on. Always think about your next meal and it will keep you from obsessing over the current one.

6.) Be Picky: Choose only foods you absolutely LOVE or are a rare occasion! Don’t waste room on things you eat on a normal basis or foods that won’t satisfy you. After all, the holidays should be about those “once a year” dishes and new tastings. If you want a little of everything, cut servings way down to sample size.

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Kate

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