Lily’s Double Chocolate Crunch Bar

Ok guys – product review time. I have bought this chocolate bar a few times before now from Earth Fare, but have never really investigated the label. Come to find out..it’s got more goodies than I thought! This is right up there with my obsession with Arctic Zero and the fact that I feel zero guilt eating it and I am convinced it’s a miracle food. So here it goes, keep in mind, we aren’t comparing this to chicken or broccoli, but to other candy bars 🙂

Calories: 110 – you can’t find many granola bars or an apple under that these days

Fat: 10g (cocoa butter + milk fat)  – this is a bit high, but who care about fat anymore right? #fattrend No biggie, assuming we don’t eat candy bars everyday

Sodium: 15mg – awesome, ok moving on

Carbs: 16g – literally 1 carb exchange NBD

Fiber (from inulin, a well researched fiber): 8 GRAMS aka 30% daily value of fiber FROM CHOCOLATE omg

Sugars: <1 gram…wait what’s the catch…

Erythritol (natural sugar substitute, like stevia): 5g – very low calorie and I don’t have a problem with it, some say it may bother you stomach but it doesn’t have an effect on me

Protein: 2g – no surprises here

Price: 1-2 bucks – kind of a lot for a candy bar, but let’s say we don’t eat them everyday…

For a empty calorie type food, these 110 calories are providing me with 30% DV of fiber, hardly any sugar and sweet satisfying afternoon indulgence. I would say it’s a win!

Functional foods these days are becoming quite impressive!!!! What products are you finding that I NEED to know about?!?!?


Cheers, Kate





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