What and How Much Do You Really Eat?

I am a huge believer in intuitive eating and not being obsessive about counting calories or carbs. I think if you eat a variety of food groups and rely on your stomach to know when you’re full, you should be able to maintain a healthy diet. However, sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective on how much energy is in certain foods, or not even realize how many bites you’re taking in between meals.

So the past week or so, I have been using some apps to track my food intake and exercise to really get a good look at what’s happening and maybe catch some easy fixes I have been missing! The apps I am using are My Fitness Pal (seems to have the best food database I have found and it’s free!) and Map My Run for my running. I will also manually add in my walking throughout the day from my health app on my iPhone. Another reason I wanted to track my food was to see if I am meeting my nutrient goals (vitamins, minerals, macros etc.) To my surprise, I am doing pretty well! However there are a few things I need to watch…


Just a side note…My dinner tonight>> Dark Tart Protein Shake

1/2 frozen banana, 1/4 cup frozen cherries, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 3/4 cup Fairlife chocolate milk, 1 tsp. cocoa powder and some almonds if desired (340 calories/36g protein)

This view is an interesting part of My Fitness Pal, as it shows you what meals you are eating the most calories. Is there a reason I eat more for lunch? Am I more bored at work? I think it’s just good to be aware of when you are consuming larger amounts of food and why.

I really like to see this. I think today I was fairly close to my macro goals. I could probably back off on the carbs a bit but if you are exercising regularly, 50-60% of calories from carbs is needed.

SUGAR – HOLY COW. I didn’t even have any dessert or “sweet” items and I am 20g over on my sugar! Your really don’t realize how much sugar is in everything! Just by eating yogurts, granola bars etc. the sugar can add up quickly. But there is a justification to this that I am claiming 🙂 You can see most of my sugar intake is coming from the snacks category (2nd picture) however, if you look at the first screenshot, the majority of my fiber intake is coming from the snacks category as well. This is why every food has a place in the diet somewhere. Even though there was more sugar in the KIND bar, fruit and yogurt I am eating, at least it’s nutrient dense and is giving me other benefits. These are interesting points to look at in these apps.



My running is getting better, however I need to stay consistent! Weekends are a killer for me! I really like this app thought. Easy to use and accurate it seems.

What other apps help you put things into perspective? Are there ones you use regularly that help keep you accountable?!

Monday almost over!

Cheers, Kate

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