Do you pack your lunch?

Well it’s been another month! Hopefully those that have been following checked out my Instagram (@platesbykate) for more frequent/daily posts! Today I wanted to touch on lunch! At my previous job, I was provided lunch daily and never packed food for work. After being hired at Kellogg’s, I now have to shop/plan/prepare my meals! Which I really enjoy doing, but was not used to for the past year. They do have a cereal and breakfast sandwich bar, which comes in handy! However lunches take a little more work in my opinion than breakfast items. When it comes to lunch,  I like them to:

1.) Be healthy enough that I don’t feel guilty after eating it

2.) Be tasty enough that I am satisfied, and won’t want something else right after

3.) Be balanced: Include healthy sources of protein, fat and carbs

4.) If possible, include  fruit/vegetables, whole grains and something sweet 🙂 

5.) Be fairly low cost, as well as quick and easy to prepare


Today’s lunch pictured below is >> Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl with Chick Peas and Garlic Hummus

It definitely met my guidelines above, I prepared this lunch by:


1.) Rinsing and roasting 2 sweet potatoes at 375 for 35 min; then chop

2.) Dump 1 package frozen broccoli into a strainer to thaw

3.) Open a can of low sodium chick peas and drain

4.) Line up 3 Tupperware bowls; divide the ingredients among each and top with a dollop of hummus. Also lined the bottoms with a little kale/spinach mix for extra veg 🙂 

That was not hard! I did this all during commercial breaks while watching the Bachelorette. It does not have to be overwhelming or impossible. I incorporated items from the fresh, frozen and canned departments to come up with an overall healthy meal, very easily, with little prep.

I like to choose low sodium/or no sodium added canned goods and sprinkle my own salt/pepper back in later if needed. My meal could have had more protein as I like to aim for at least 20g per meal, however adding some diced chicken to it or a Greek yogurt on the side would have done it!

I also included a sweet snack (Kashi Dark Mocha Almond bar/5g protein) for dessert. I usually eat my sweet item an hour to two later to break it up. I was very satisfied with this meal and now I have two other portions already to go in the fridge!

What are some meals or recipes that satisfy you?!?!? And how so?!

Cheers ~ Kate

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