Full Day of Eating

Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post! I have created an instagram account and began posting quick posts there! Follow me @platesbykate! Anyway, its good to be back on the blog and really get into the nitty gritty. Today I have decided to blog a full day of eat from breakfast to dinner and the in between. Here it goes!

Breakfast// Chobani Coffee Flavor Greek Yogurt topped with 1/2 Cookie Dough Quest bar, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate dusted almonds! I microwaved the Quest bar to make it warm and gooey! AMAZING! If you want a crispy/crunchy cookie do 30 seconds. If you want gooey, do 15 seconds 🙂 Also not pictured a 10 oz. Chai Latte Keurig cup for the road.

Lunch//Lemon Savory Chicken Breast, oven roasted red potatoes and green beans w/ bacon bits. YUM! I went back for more green beans, I couldn’t get enough today. Had a 12 oz. diet coke to follow. Dropped the ball on the water :/ Not pictured – bite of dark chocolate almond bar for my 3pm sweet tooth.

Dinner// after working late and getting a 3 mile run in, I was hangry! Made a chicken wrap including sweet potatoes, chick peas and feta! So good. Wrap is made with quinoa, amaranth and other ancient grains, low carb and only 60 calories! 

Other half of my Cookie Dough Quest bar(microwaved again) atop light frozen whipped topping. One of my favorites! Drizzle of chocolate syrup. Orange Vitamin water for drank.

That’s a wrap! Happy Tuesday and let’s get to hump day already!

Cheers, Kate

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