Wld rather be…

Drinking beer and eating nachos at the Detroit Tigers game! BUT…I’m not. So kale it is! Discovered a new delicious snack while making dinner. Ya, I do that too much. Start to make dinner but then decide something looks good that’s quicker, so I eat EVERYTHING! Anybody else? Ok well here it is…

Ham and Sprout Roll Up w/ hummus// Just try it, it’s satisfying and provides protein, ok? And who doesn’t like a good slice of ham?!  

Dinner! Lamb and feta meatballs with garlic potatoes and quinoa and kale. The quinoa was a prozen product I decided to try and ended up mixing even more kale in! Very good and the nutrition label is even better! Meatball recipe to come…

dessert// Bottom of the barrel Stoneyfield Vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 PB Oreo and spoonful of Kirkland all natural almond butter 

  Two more days of work before a 3 day weekend and wedding festivities! 

Cheers, Kate


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