Wake Up – Wake Up

Wondering what my entire day of eating consists of? It’s not always consistent and it’s not always perfect meals. A full day consists of many cheat items (sometimes too many) that’s why I want to share a realistic full day of food.

830am Breakfast// 10 oz black coffee, Chobani Lemon Greek yogurt, 10 almonds

1115 Lunch// 3oz Italian Pork loin, big scoop asparagus, two deviled eggs, 2 jumbo shrimp, 12oz Diet Coke (ate before I could snap a pic :/ )

2:30pm Snack// 6 almonds, 1 piece Dark Chocolate w/ Almonds, 2 packets NSA Hot Cocoa ~ 40 calories

530pm Meijer Extravaganza// Bought some delicious new things I can’t wait to try! (Pictured below) ate one Peanut Butter Reeses Cup Oreo in the car…at least they have protein?

6:30pm Dinner// “Sprouted Spaghetti and Garlic Bread” – Big handful of sprouts made of broccoli, clover and cabbage with 4 meatballs, mushrooms and red sauce I had leftover, 1 plain unsalted rice cake topped with Zesty Garlic Hummus (BOGO at Meijer tonight, whoot!) Dessert was 1 piece Quinoa Dark Chocolate Bar (60% cocoa and amazing) and decaf black coffee

Taking a night off at the gym to get organized from the weekend! Note my meals are not always complete or make sense together. I try to utilize what’s available and what needs to be used up in my fridge. Also note…did not drink ANY plain water. Guess Ill be attempting to chug tonight…

  Wanted to try these so bad! Looked at the nutrition facts panel and nothing made them spectacular nutritionally, so I decided to pass, but they do look interesting! I guess I was on a Quinoa kick?! Bought my first romper this weekend…usually not my thing, but decided to step outside my box and make the purchase! And obviously it was a good deal…

IMG_1407Monday is…OVER! Boom. Bye Felicia.


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