Spa-veggi and Meatballs 

Made homemade zucchini noodles tonight in place of pasta! After a long weekend in Kansas City drinking kegs of green beer and eating endless wings and nachos, it feels good to get back into routine. It’s always nice however to visit other cities and experience all they have to offer…including the food culture!

You can buy a Veggetti or noodle making tool at several different home good and grocery stores now, they are super handy and allow you to make some pretty fresh recipes! I just sautéed mine for a minute with coconut oil and Italian herbs. Mix with pasta sauce, meatballs and mushrooms, top with Parmesan and feta cheese! So good! Added half a slice of 12 grain toast for extra fiber (3.5g per slice!) Two pieces of dark chocolate with almond butter after the gym for dessert.

  Protein snacks/desserts i’ve been eating…

|Vanilla Maple Protein Cake| with 1 scoop ice cream, light whip cream, homemade granola 
|Almond Butter Rice Cake//gluten free| lightly salted rice cake, all natural almond butter, half apple pie Quest protein bar, cinnamon
|Power Toast| 12 grain high fiber bread, almond butter, half sliced banana, dark chocolate chips

|Caramel Apple Protein Parfait| Salted Caramel gelato (very small serving, the nutrition panel isn’t pretty on this one), half chopped apple pie Quest bar, chopped dehydrated apple rings


Cheers, Kate

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