Got creative this evening…

Pimped Out Sprout Cake

1 plain unsalted rice cake 

Half smashed avocado 

Alfalfa sprouts 

Tuna chunks

Crumbled goat cheese 


Spaghetti Squash Dessert 

Half cup microwaved spaghetti squash

Feta cheese 

Drizzle Torani pumpkin sauce (so good)

Topped with walnuts 

Healthy fats. Healthy proteins. Healthy carbs. “These are a few of my favorite thingsssss😍🎧 is it weird that I enjoy looking at how many different flavors of yogurts I have to look forward to?! Ahh so pumped! When you’re in a crunch for time or don’t feel like making a fancy recipe just stick to the basics and SNACK IT OUT.

Cheers, Kate 

PS Monday is over!


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