High Protein Snacks

Just wanted to share a few a few high protein snack ideas that take less than 5 min to prepare. Since snacking is a huge part of our lifestyle for most people, it’s important to make the right choices. Although snacks like fruit, crackers and cereals are “healthy” they are lacking protein which will help keep you full longer and help you maintain lean muscle mass. Cookies, potato chips and candy can be easy to reach for, but check out these ideas that are easy, quick, high protein. oh and delicious of course.

1.) Greek Yogurt Parfait – you can really incorporate any flavors you like, I’ve pictured two different ones below 

  • Plain Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder 
  • Half of a pumpkin flavored Quest protein bar chopped (ate the other half before the gym) these are the lowest carb highest protein/fiber bar I’ve found 
  • Handful of unsalted, plain almonds (remember to watch serving sizes on nuts)
  • Glob of natural almond butter (the only ingredient…ALMONDS!)
  • Drizzle of caramel syrup to keep things exciting  


  • Plain Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder 
  • Half chopped banana
  • Almonds 
  • Fiber one mint fudge brownie chopped 

 2.) Salmon Cake (one of my favs)

  • 1 plain rice cake unsalted 
  • 1/4 to half avocado smashed 
  • Salmon from pouch (I only used half) 
  • Sprinkle desired fixings  on top (siracha for me of course)   

3.) Eggs Delight – I often have this for breakfast 

  • Two hard boiled eggs. I buy the pre boiled ones! You can also boil your own ahead of time
  • Avocado of course
  • Siracha of course
  • 1/4 cup low fat shredded cheese   

4.) Soy Joy protein bar + coco libre protein coconut water( I find them at Kroger) 

 Can you tell I like chocolate too?! Finally got my professional RD picture on the wall at work! It’s the little things 🙂 happy Wednesday and happy snacking!

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