Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2016! What are your New Years resolutions? It’s great that you are setting goals, but make sure you are going about them in the right way, so that you may actually reach them! My food resolutions are to;

1. Branch out and try new products that I never used in 2015. 

2. Drink more water! PLAIN WATER!

Now HOW am I going to achieve these goals? It’s important to set SMART goals. What does this mean? Your goal must be:

✔️Specific – very detailed, not vague 

✔️Measurable – be able to physically measure how much you are going to achieve 

✔️Achievable/Attainable – is it physically possible?!

✔️Realistic – is it something that will actually work with your lifestyle and schedule 

✔️Timely – how much time will it take or how long will you do this goal

Water example:

SMART goal: I am going to drink 32 oz. of plain water daily for 1 month.

Non SMART goal: I am going to drink more water.

See the difference?!


Below are the new products I’m trying to fit into my lifestyle.

1. Boathouse farms protein coffee drink – high in calories/sugar per serving for my liking, however, I plan to use it in my coffee to replace creamer to add more value/protein to the calorie vs. empty calories that regular creamer provides.

2. Fiber one protein bar – so I have used these before, but the cookies and cream flavor is WAY better! 6g protein, 7g sugar. Try to aim for more protein than sugar, but these are delicious!

3.  Pre peeled hard boiled eggs – does this mean I’m too lazy to make my own? No it means that I’m choosing to have a healthier,ready to go snack rather than reaching for pop tarts or sugary breakfast foods in the morning! Also make a great anytime snack. 

Good luck with your goals this year! Try turning them into SMART goals if you find you aren’t making the progress you’d hoped for!



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