Food for Thought 

Getting really into the holidays this weekend! Made our family’s secret sugar cookie recipe! Cookie baking, holiday treats and parties are all experiences that should be enjoyed not dreaded. Go into the holiday season with acceptance that you don’t need to eat perfect, you just need to be MINDFUL! Do not avoid or restrict yourself from foods you enjoy, simply modify them or “taste” them to better fit a healthy lifestyle. Also continue to exercise! With this warm Michigan weather, a run outside may even be in order! Remember to also stick with fresh, healthy recipes for meals. It’s easy to get convinced that because it’s winter all meals must be hot and carb loaded. Casseroles, macaroni dishes and pot pie are all delicious, but make sure to switch it up with some salads and veggie dishes to keep the freshness rolling. Although many produce items aren’t necessarily in season, check out the canned and frozen section to see what they have to offer. Choose low sodium when available or mix half and half.  

Below are some ideas you may want to try to get “the best of both worlds” during the holidays. 

✔️If you know you want to try everything, take only a spoonful of each item. Don’t take regular portions of everything or you will end up with way too much! You can always go back for more of the items you liked. 

✔️ Split high calorie items or desserts with someone. Portions are usually way too big as it is!

✔️When preparing a dish to pass, make something healthy and fresh. Be the person to bring the salad or light option. You will set a tone and people may be more likely to make smarter choices overall if they know someone else is too.

✔️If you know there’s a large meal ahead, skip the pre snacking. Chew a piece of gum or sip on a zero calorie beverage to avoid the urge.

✔️Take a walk, chat with friends or engage in other activity. Don’t loiter around the buffet and tempt yourself. 

✔️Stop before you are full. You will be much happier after. The pleasure of eating only lasts a few seconds. The guilt of overeating drags on, we’ve all been there. Be proactive and only eat enough to satisfy your hunger. 

✔️Alcohol – you knew this was coming. Yes it has calories. Yes we shouldmonitor excess intake, however there are lighter options. Avoid heavy, sugary drinks and mixers. Anything premade is usually bad news. Stick with light beer or zero calorie mixers like tonic or regular water, diet sodas or zero calorie flavorings like crystal light.

Hope this helps! Wishing everyone a healthy holiday season🎄🎄🎄Having Christmas oatmeal this morning! Cranberries, cinnamon and pure maple syrup to sweeten 😉 



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