Getting out of the horizontal

When you’re in bed… at 7:30…drooling because your day was long and you just ate brownie batter Oreos. Yes. That was me tonight. With a little motivation from a roommate I was convinced to go to the gym. I REALLY REGRETTED THAT WORKOUT! ….said no one ever! Standing up, putting your shoes on and putting your headphones in is the hardest part. Once you’re there (gym, living room floor, yoga mat, outdoors) it’s all gaines from there. You don’t have to run marathons, but by simply getting up you will lap everyone on the couch for sure! I also got a few episodes of Chopped in on the treadmill 🙂 Dinner was fairly healthy tonight. Cooked the chicken in coconut oil, garlic and onion. Added pesto to the top (my fav). Thirsty Thursday! I need to get on that water, I’m working on it! What are you working on? What small goals can you work on right now?!

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