Fast Food 

Quick weeknight dinner! Chicken stir-fry! Includes lots of vegetables and protein and I used a low sodium soy sauce to cut down on the salt. Took me literally 15 minutes! 

Chicken (I used bone in thighs, but breasts are leaner)

Udon noodles (can use any type of noodle or none at all!)

Green onion

Fresh Broccoli

Water chestnuts

Fresh Pea pods

Seasame oil

PB2 peanut butter powder


Pure maple syrup 

Lite soy sauce


1.Sauté all veggies in sauce pan or wok. Cook down with oil and garlic. Set aside. 

2.Remove any fat and chop chicken into chunks and sauté in same pan with PB2 powder, soy sauce, maple syrup and ginger.

3.Add in udon noodles and stir. Add veggies back in and combine everything together. Top your serving with siracha if you like it spicy 🙂

I’m not listing measurements because I never measure anything! And everyone has different tastes, so you may like it differently than the person next to you! Start the week off right heading into the cookie season! May the force be with you! 

Happy Monday, Kate


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