Ok I’m back 

I haven’t posted in almost a month! Being a huge slacker lately. I blame the cold weather! When a blanket, movie and hot chocolate > than anything else, the struggle is soooo real. BUT time to step up and take control before I hibernate for winter! A quick, tasty, high protein breakfast✔️ Soyjoy bar with almond butter. Keeps me full for most the morning so I’m not tempted to snack. For tonight I have made a “me” salad. The ingredients don’t necessarily pair together, but they are all things I really like so I just threw them in a bowl! Why not? Don’t be intimidated by following fancy recipes or having everything on the list, just make what you like!  My salad includes; Romaine lettuce, avocado, green onions, sharp cheddar, radiatiore noodles, siracha and a touch of ranch. For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries 🙂 only 60 calories, 6gm of carbs. Two weeks left in the biggest loser competition, gotta finish strong! (Especially after thanksgiving!) have an open mind heading into the holidays and know you don’t have to fall into the trap! Don’t accept defeat before it’s even started, take control while you still can and PLAN to succeed! Hopefully more posts to come. What are YOU doing to prepare for the holidays?



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