First work presentation

Today I did a presentation at work on vitamin D and calcium and the importance of food sources in the upcoming winter months, as vitamin D is synthesized when you are in the sun! I discussed functions of each nutrient and how you need them for more than just bone health and educated them on food sources of each. Spinach, turnip greens, salmon/tuna, sardines and fortified orange juice and cereals are non dairy sources you may not think of. I really enjoy educating residents when I get the chance and it is very rewarding when they appreciate and understand the information. I also created a mini milk martini bar to go with the presentation! Everyone really liked them and got creative with the flavored milks, syrups and toppings. And I got to wear my new blazer 😁 good day but looking forward to the weekend! How about you?!



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  1. Kauffman Family Farm says:

    Cute blazer!


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