When you get busy…

Well let’s face it. You don’t get busy..we’re always busy! And when you’re not busy you just wanna be lazy! I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately and not wanting to put in the effort to make healthy meals every day or to exercise regularly.(or write in my blog obviously) Then you feel guilty and eat even more poorly….THE VICIOUS CYCLE! But..there are alternatives out there that can get you by when you just need a break. You can’t eat perfect all the time right? Allow yourself 15-20 percent to “slack off” or have the “bad foods.” With the holidays approaching, I like to eat better this time of year knowing my slack off percentage will be much higher in coming months 😦 Although I’ve gotten back in the game now and ran the past couple nights, last week this was not the case. I was strolling through Meijer with a short list, no meals planned and no motivation. And then I remembered frozen foods. Now frozen foods get a bad rap. Let’s say you make a perfectly healthy meal at home with vegetables, lean protein and whole grains and freeze it…is it then unhealthy? No. Companies are now understanding the emphasis on health and convenience and have aimed to produce healthier products. You just have to look! In my cart I’ve decided to try a few dinners that are lower in sodium and higher in protein and quality grains. Label reading is very important here. Just because it has a fancy package and looks healthy doesn’t mean it necessarily is. Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys! The ones I’ve chosen here are rather expensive and I would probabaly not buy them regularly, but when you’re in a funk, you have to do the best you can! I haven’t tried them yet but will let you know my thoughts when I do. And yes..those a pumpkin Oreos. My 20%? Oh and pumpkin yogurt, which ps was AMAZING and could replace pumpkin pie for me with a little granola. Yum. Looking forward to a more motivating week!

Cheers, Kate  


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