Keep calm: it’s good fat

Sharing an example tonight in which you can still have your favorite classic meals, but adjusted in ways that make it healthier…SO YOU CAN EAT MORE! Pictured below is a slimmed down version of a BLT. 

✔️cut the bread (30g less carbs)

✔️swapped regular bacon for turkey bacon and added avocado (saved myself 50% the fat and at least 100 calories in bacon and replaced harmful saturated fats with monounsaturated ones)

✔️used a skinny foam blue cheese dressing vs regular. Only 15 calories per tablespoon. 

Next…apple pie…MY FAVORITE.

Placed sliced apples on a cookie sheet. Topped with crumble topping. Canola oil/butter spread, brown sugar, Splenda or artificial sweetener of choice, dash of flour and oats. Way less fat and calories without the crust! 

Remind yourself that it’s not cutting things out just cutting them down!

And finally me in my new “will run for wine shirt”. – thanks bae, Hay Phil. Gonna run far tonight! Happy Monday to all.

Cheers, Kate  


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