When the struggle is real

After a very long week in Nashville at the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, I am feeling overwhelmed. All the traveling, walking, learning and sampling was awesome! However upon returning I am feeling very tired! Piles of laundry, way behind at work and feeling sluggish from all the BBQ, beer and ice cream consumed in Nashville! Of course I had to splurge, when in Rome right?! We’ve all had this feeling. Today has gone pretty well. I said no to a donut at work this morning(which seems dumb, but it’s hard!) and went for a run tonight! I also have been drinking lots of water-Which is always a struggle for me. After the run though I got a second wind and became more energized. I cleaned the house, did laundry and unpacked my suitcase. Amazing what exercise will do! But then dinner….I’m home alone, don’t feel like cooking, don’t want tons of leftovers. What to make that is quick and needs to be used up? I SEE BEAN DIP! I decided to make a bean dip, avocado bowl. Just threw avocado chunks into the bean dip container (since there wasn’t much left) topped with a few Fritos and Siracha! Perfect.

✔️quick and easy

✔️used something that was going to expire

✔️provides healthy fats, protein and fiber 

✔️no dishes

Sounds like a win to me folks. What are YOU eating this week? I need healthy fall recipe ideas!

Cheers, Kate 


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