GMO’s hmmm

This is a very controversial topic as you all know. What foods should I eat? Organic? Vegan? No red meat? Gluten free? All the media and advertising can really get in the way of the facts. There is no proven evidence that GMO foods cause cancer or illness. However, people have suspicions and I can’t blame them with all the trends and fads going around. But do you really wanna live your life in fear that something MIGHT happen to you? You can’t predict the future so why stress and spend extra money on organic fancy food? I literally saw organic suckers in the store the other day…do you believe that has any health benefits?  Yes, I believe you should eat as “natural” as possible. If it came from the ground or had a mother it’s probably ok. And even if it didn’t, it’s probably ok in moderation. Ask yourself this…If you had to eat a GMO apple or an organic cheeseburger for 30 days straight, what would you chose? I would choose the apple because I know what excess amounts of saturated fat in red meat and cheese can do to my blood vessels…there is research to back this up. Until there is more research done and there is solid evidence, I think genetically modifying food is one of the most innovative and interesting topics there is. Same with farming and animal processing. As someone who raised livestock as a child and is also a dietitian, I see both sides of the story, which makes it interesting to me! When someone is ill or passes away you don’t here about all the GMO foods they ate. You hear they were a smoker, overweight and ate fast food regularly. Use common sense, don’t overthink food and you’ll be just fine! Ok stepping off my soapbox now. As I head to Nashville, TN tomorrow for the annual nutrition and dietetics conference, I am sure I’ll hear more in this topic! I’ll make sure to keep all updated 🙂 below is week at a glance. 


Cheers, Kate 

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