Birthday pancakes!

HAVE THE DAY OFF! Whoo hoo! Thought I would make something different since I had more time on my hands this morning! Chocolate protein pancakes…sounds crazy right? I just use basic pancake mix because it easy and affordable. Making homemade would work just fine as well. Mix one scoop protein powder of choice and your favorite fixings! (Yes I threw in some mm’s because it’s my birthday👌.) I topped mine with a layer of almond butter and pure maple syrup from my family’s farm. I know what you’re thinking…isn’t this like really high in calories? Yes! But you just added value to the calorie. You added 23g of protein! And I couldn’t even eat half of my plate they were so filling! Now I will have a very light lunch because I’m sure these will keep me full all morning. It’s all about balance and not trying to eat light, or low calorie or vegan or gluten free. Your body works best when it has all the colors of the rainbow or in other words, all types of diets! What different diets have you experimented with? 

Cheers, Kate (nobody likes me when I’m twenty threeeee)


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