• How many of you struggle with breakfast? Finding time to make it, eat it and have enough meal ideas where you don’t get tired of it everyday? We all hear how it’s the most important meal of the day right? Have you thought about what the word actually means? Breaking the fast. It’s the first meal you consume after fasting (sleeping) for several hours. It wakes your body up and tells it to get moving again. Without breakfast, your energy will be low and you will burn less calories. You may even overeat at lunch or dinner and end up consuming more than originally intended by meal skipping. Here are a few things I do in the mornings that are quick and easy and usually pretty nutrient packed. An ideal breakfast will contain protein to keep you full until lunch.
  • Egg with avocado, black beans and siracha 
  • Oatmeal bars or rice cakes topped with nut butters or other toppings like fruit and nuts 
  • Greek yogurt with your favorite toppings! Fruit, nuts, chia seeds etc.

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