Pre-dinner and post-dinner

When eating one meal at night just isn’t enough, especially if you are engaging in vigorous exercise. Tonight I decided to have two large snacks instead of one big dinner. This will give me a boost of extra energy before my run as well as a chance to recover with nutrients afterwards. My first snack is:

✔️Chopped small banana

✔️Barneys Cocoa, coconut flavored almond butter (6 G protein per serving) 

✔️moms homemade granola

✔️slivered almonds 

✔️drizzle of chocolate syrup

Protein and simple carbs-a perfect pre run snack AND it has chocolate on it.🙏

Don’t let sweets or “bad foods” intimidate you. Embrace them and make them work with you, not against you. Eat them in moderation to avoid large binges of them. I probably eat chocolate everyday…and that’s ok! Feeling good this week! What snacks do you consume at night that could be transformed or improved nutritionally? Keep up the good work everyone…it’s almost Friday!

Cheers, Kate  


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