Back on the fast track

I totally forgot how much I love sun dried tomatoes! How have I gone this long with out them…I like tomatoes but not really just by themselves and sometimes they are mushy and watery…not these! So much flavor! Perfect topping for salads or in soups. Tonight I am getting back on track from a long weekend full of pizza, ice cream and adult beverages ugh you all know the feeling. Time to kick it into gear! I’m having a chicken avocado salad topped with sun dried tomatoes and a little Parmesan cheese. Where’s the dressing you might ask? THERE IS NONE! Just lemon juice! So tangy and fresh you will never miss the real thing (or the calories)! Black and blueberries for dessert 🙂 Monday is off to a great start, prepping tortellini soup on the stove then off to run with my pup! What are you doing to start your week off right??? 


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