You all know my obsession with yogurt. I had to try this new chobani flavor…WATERMELON! It was pretty good! I took a separate, small container with me to work containing the flax mixture and blueberries to top it off! Breakfast is the one thing I can count on for stability and control. It’s usually the same each day and it’s usually small, which jumpstarts my metabolism, but doesn’t make me feel full to start my day. I alternate between yogurt with toppings, rice cakes with nut butters or some type of whole fruit or granola bar. Do you eat breakfast? Have you ever thought about what the word means? It means literally, breaking the fast. Your body begins burning energy more slowly overnightwhile you’re sleeping. If you don’t wake it up, you will continue the morning with a slow metabolism and unstable blood sugars causing you to be tired or have less energy or concentration. What other ideas are out there for quick, easy healthy breakfasts?!

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