So I’ve been slacking on my blog lately. Mostly due to starting a new job as a dietitian! I can’t believe I finally made it to this point and can do what I love to do…talk about food! I found out my first day at work that I will receive free lunch…EVERYDAY! At first I was pumped! However, I enjoy packing my lunch and meal prepping for the week and I knew I would be in trouble when it came to the daily mashed potatoes and gravy, muffin basket and the unlimited amount of soda pop I had access to. I have decided to stick to the salad bar and veggies as much as possible and throw on the protein that is being served. I have had some DELICIOUS lunches. I try to pick lean choices with the most vitamins and minerals. I have done good so far! Sometimes it’s just saying no to what temps you the most! 


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