Thirsty Thursday 

This is actually amazing. I am not usually impressed by protein drinks because of all the access sugar and calories. I am OBSESSED with coconut water so this really caught my eye. The nutrition facts aren’t bad! 20 GRAMS PROTEIN?!?? I bought one just to try and it’s like dark chocolate milk!  If you are wondering what erythritol is, it is a sugar alcohol. It has almost no calories and is way sweeter than natural sugar making the drink need less. It is found in nature in some plants as well. These types of ingredients get bad raps, but don’t let the rumors scare you. These other types of sweeteners have no effect on blood sugar and won’t contribute to diabetes or weight gain, which are huge problems in this country. It’s all about picking your battles! There isn’t one food that’s all bad or all good. Eat a variety of foods in moderate amounts and you will be happier and healthier.


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