Taco Night!

I loveeeee Mexican food! Even if I am not intending on making an authentic Mexican dish, it ends up having corn, beans and avocado most the time. After a long weekend full of wedding celebration and restaurant eating, I needed to get back into routine with meal planning and fresh ingredients. Tacos or Mexican based meals provide a great opportunity to get in a variety of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients! It’s is very simple to meet MyPlate recommendations with these ingredients. These are the ingredients I use and what they “bring to the table.”

Ground Venison – very lean source of protein

Tomatoes – great source of potassium

Corn and black beans- fiber 

Avocados – healthy fats that increase HDL (the good cholesterol)

Shredded cheddar cheese – made with 2% milk for lower fat content

Plain Greek yogurt – replaces sour cream for less fat and calories  

Blue corn chips – this brand allows 11 chips per serving!

Madras lentils – this product is SO EASY! And delicious. I believe my mom got them at Costco and gave me one to try. Just heat entire package in microwave for 1 min and DONE! Just like chili and provides excellent source of protein and fiber. Fat and calories aren’t bad either! 2 servings per package. Just be aware of sodium content, however ok if not eaten daily.

Now off to watch Bachelorette on the treadmill! Great start to the week! 

Cheers, Kate 


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