Tonight my boyfriend and I went into Quality Dairy to rent a movie from the kiosk. Of course the temptation of death by chocolate ice cream was hard to resist. I walked out knowing that I could have bought the ice cream if I wanted to but made a decision to swap for something better! My version of death by chocolate! Vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder, topped with berries and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Defiantly not the same, but satisfying none the less. Providing me with less fat and calories and more protein, calcium and antioxidants! And a guilt free concious 😉 However it is OKAY to have the real thing once in awhile. It is better to just allow yourself to have what you crave in moderation than to resist it so much that you cave and overeat or binge on it later! What can you “swap” in your regular meal and snack routine? 


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