KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. My coaches in high school always used to say this, but honestly it makes sense. Scoring a basket or getting the job done doesn’t take a fancy skill or expensive tools. Just like dinner. You don’t need to make a gourmet meal EVERY night. You don’t need to make anything gourmet EVER! It’s all about the food groups. As long as you are eating a well balanced meal with a variety of foods, that’s FINE! Like tonight…I did not feel like dirtying dishes or going to the store (our fridge is lacking) so I decided to be creative. I was also craving something sweet 🙂 this is what I came up with…


✔️Vegetable-broccoli and cauliflower 

✔️Grain-rice cake

✔️Protein-peanut butter and egg 

✔️Chocolate AND CARAMEL (not a food group) oh well

I hit 4/5 food groups and created a meal from leftovers under 400 calories. AND I WAS SATISFIED. 

 Personal note – this morning I crossed into a lower weight range which I have not been since high school! To me, weight range means 10# increments. So it would be like going from 190# to 189#. SO PUMPED. More motivation to go for a jog tonight in the beautiful weather! It is good to weigh yourself every now and then just to monitor where you are at. Sometimes it’s hard to notice that 5# sneaking up! However, do not be obsessed with daily weighing. LOVE your body!

Cheers, Kate

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