This dip tho…

Ok so I wanted to do eggs for breakfast to switch it up. If you didn’t know already, the 2010 dietary restriction of 1 egg per day has been lifted! They found that it is not your dietary cholesterol that raises your blood cholesterol, it’s actually the bad fats! (Saturated and trans) eggs do have about 2g sat fat per egg so it is still wise to eat in moderation. Anyway this dip…made with Greek yogurt, 50 calories for 2 tbsp…not bad. It taste just like spin dip! I threw a little dollup in my eggs and it was awesome! I used two eggs and one egg white which was WAY too much. Next time I will do just one egg and one white 🙂 coffee with vanilla soy milk and strawberries to reach 3 food groups. (4 If you count the spinach!) add a piece of whole grain toast to reach 5!

Happy Tuesday!



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